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9mm Gold Dot HP SOC?

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In rummaging around in an ammo storage drawer, I came upon an old box of Speer 9mm Luger SOC Gold Dot HP 124 gr. ammunition. It is not +P designated. Could someone tell me what SOC on the box label indicates? Thank you. --c
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Doing a little research on the 'net, it seems the Gold Dot HP SOC is a Law Enforcement ammo. The listed ballistics I found are the same as the 124 grain +P Gold Dot. It is also listed as Gold Dot "Dive Ammunition".

It is supposedly manufactured to pass a "waterproof test OD-STD-1468" and "Pressurized for 30 minutes to 25 psi (Equivalent to 22.9 feet submersion)"

My guess is and I am GUESSING it the SOC is marketing hype for Special Operations Command.

Do a google search for Gold Dot Dive Ammunition.
Thank you, Kent, for the search info. It is interesting that it is +P velocity ammunition and supposedly waterproof. Unusual items often pop up when I dig around in bureau drawers and boxes. Wish I could remember when and where I purchased it.
I believe SOC does stand for Special Operations Command.
Cordially, Jack
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