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9mm FN Hi-Power-Sig 228 - which is heartier

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I really like Hi Powers. I own two FN 9mm Hi Powers.
It seems I've read more than once shooting +P ammo regularly could weaken the frame (I rarely shoot +P still I'm curious)
I rarely see this sort of warning about Sigs.

So my question- Is a Sig 228 for instance heartier than an FN Hi-Power?

Thanks for the answers.
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Hello. It's not the frame that has potential problems in the Hi Power as much as it is rounded locking lugs from what I've seen. I've seen a couple of cracked slides in heavily-used early IPSC Hi Powers, but the shooter was trying to make major with 9mm handloads. Mk III Hi Powers are beefed up at the lower rear of the ejection port where these cracks were observed. Almost everytime I've seen either, it has been when the pistols were:

A. Heavily used with standard pressure loads over years
B. Used regularly with +P ammunition
C. A&B + having a pretty weak recoil spring that felt even below factory standard at 17-lbs.

Whether the SIG-Sauer is any better I flat cannot say. The SIG-Sauers that I have seen broken over the years were usually from cracked slide rails.

The last time I checked SIG-Sauer did not endorse +P in their autos, but many use it pretty frequently.

No manufacturer will readily endorse using +P ammo in one of their guns. That's a legal liability thing, and mostly because of handloaders pushing the envelope beyond the limits of common sense.

The SIG is a good gun. The only real difference between it and the BHP, or any other quality pistol is ergonomics and operating system (DA/SA v SA, etc.). The common failure point is as Stephen said. The slide cracks. The P228 original configuration uses a breech block pinned into a stamp-formed steelplate slide. It's easy to manufacture and strong enough for heavy use, but like all man-made objects, it has its weaknesses too.

Realistically, it isn't a choice of which is stronger, but which one suit you, your preferences, and shooting style best.
I happen to enjoy both models being discussed here.
The important thing to remember, in my opinion anyhow,
is to spring the gun correctly if you know you will be shooting +P ammo. In either pistol the change out is done in a matter of minutes.
Factory pistols are sprung for stock pressure ammo. Just by adding a few pounds to the recoil spring, you can preserve the life of your pistol by several thousand rounds.
Well, there went a quick $0.02 worth.
Hello all,

I have neither pistol. I am, however, a fan of 9mm +P ammunition.

If you can look at the manufacturers' manuals beforehand, it might give you some insight.

For example, while not coming right out and saying "Shoot +P," my Taurus 92's manual states that my pistol was designed to function with 124gr bullets pushed to 1250fps and was not guaranteed reliable with any other ammunition.

Josh <><
American made +P 9mm ammo does not seem to be any hotter than run of the mill European 9X19 ammo (at least not in the old days, perhaps they are attenuating it now).

I would be surprised if it bothered either gun.

I have broken one Sig (220) and been inside the guts of several, I hear they hold up OK (certainly better than the M9 Beretta) but all that stamped metal and those mousetrap springs do not inspire confidence.

Still, unless you plan on exceeding 80 to 100 K rounds I doubt you will wear either out.

I shoot a good bit of +P+ in my Browning but I don't shoot my 9mms nearly as much as my .45s so, sad to say, I cannot tell you just how many rounds they are good for.

Good luck!
Here is how I see it. I can put two 115gr JHPs touching in the bat of an eye with my HP. Do I need +Ps? I think not. If I need something with more power I wil use a 45acp. Regards, Richard:D
If I could hit the eye of bat I wouldn't worry about it either

Just kidding but you make an excellent point. The only real reasons I will choose a load is not based on whether they are +P or +P+ or standard, it is merely on how the bullet is constructed and will it penetrate enough to suit me and after that, is it accurate?

It is mere coincidence that I find that the well balanced load in 9mm is a +P+. My second choice, the Triton 135 +P is unfortunately discontinued but I still have a good bit.

Actually, the 147 Winchester Ranger is enjoying such a reputation with the LAPD that I might consider it.

FWIW, when Federal first came out with the Hydra-Shok in 9mm they sent us some 124 regular pressure and some 124 +P+ They were clearly different bullets from their appearance. The regular load, IIRC, ran right at 1200 fps and the +P+ ran right at 1300 fps.

We shot a few vermin with them and found, to our amazement, that they both opened to exactly the same diameter (about .64") and penetrated the same depth (about 9" - but they were stopped by skin so they might have went deeper in a thicker animal).

Each load has to be taken on its own merits. And each person has to "name his own poison". :)

Yours is an exceedinly good point, go with what you shoot best, within reason.

Press on,
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