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Here you go Josh,


That's about all you could want to know about the .50 GI. Except that the pricetag for Guncrafter's 1911 is almost 3 grand! Sure is a sweet round though...kinda makes my .45 look small...

Edit: I guess that isn't all you could want to know. :/ I read about the round in an issue of Shotgun News(April 20, 2005). Apparently, it was designed by the gunsmith who builds the Model 1, and is a rebated rim cartridge built on a similar principle to the .41 Action Express(AE). The gun is modified to accept the .50 GI the biggest differences being the wider grip and trigger bow to fit around a fat 7 round magazine. So it's not something everyone will be able to do with their old 1911s. Still a very interesting cartridge and gun.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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