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.45acp vs .50 G.I.

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Hey All,

If this round becomes widespread and chambered in more affordable pistols, will you of the "big and slow" school switch from your .45acp to the .50 G.I.? I know I've received the answer, "Because they don't make a .50" when I've asked "Why a .45?"

So I guess, with the 9mm vs .40 vs. .45 worn out... it's now time for .45acp vs. .50 G.I.!

Which one guys'n'gals?

Josh <><
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Well it's a big IF but IF the .50 GI became available in a wide variety of pistols, including an affordable 1911 setup. The ammo became affordable(currently factory loaded rounds are $15 per 20 rounds for ball) at something like $10-12 per 50 in ball, and $15-20 per 25 or 50 in hollow point. Yea, I would probably switch over to .50 GI.

But I'd keep my .45 ACP 1911 for kicks and giggles to.
Of course...when I picked up the 1911...I kept my 9mm Ruger and still shoot it too. You can't have just one gun and yea, I'd like a .50 GI...but I'll have to wait until it becomes an affordable alternative.

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