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.455 Webley fans

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In addition to producing new Mark II brass, Hornady now makes loaded Webley Mark II rounds, available from Graph & Sons. They have an original looking 265 gn lrn, with velocity listed on box of 680 fps. Got a box of em in mail yesterday, ain't had opportunity to test yet. If memory holds this morn, believe got charged about $13/20.
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Please keep us posted on how they shoot. Do you have a chronograph to test velocity and consistency? I'm always on the prowl for a clean Mk. IV and now knowing there is readily available ammo and brass is great.
Bill-have a chronograph, and will check speed and accuracy from Mark VI, during next chronograph session.

Had previously bought some of the new brass for handloading, but got delayed by not having quick way to seat the primers deep enough. This should be solved with inexpensive press attachment received at same time got the Hornady loads.

When looking for a Webley, might be good to check the chamber throats on particular model. From written reports, the earlier Webleys .476/.455's (before the Mark I to Mark VI series) appear to have larger chamber throats, as do the S&W and Colt versions?

Have a Mark I , and a Mark VI. Quick dirty measurment gets bout .449 throats.
Chronoed the Hornady rounds yesterday from Mark VI (bout 5 in barrel)

av vel = 574 fps
low = 547 fps
high = 590 fps
Box listed velocity = 680 fps

They shot left bout 4 in, high bout 6 in from 25 yds. They appeared to group well (bout 3 in @ 25 yds), although tough to distinquish from my own ability with this pistol. SA pull is over 8 lbs and ain't used to the trigger. Believing i am breaking left , at let off.

Should be getting better with this pistol, after developing decent hand load, and getting used to trigger.

Have a handload for the Mark I owned, but the Mark I has a shaved cylinder for 45 AR. Am very wary bout shooting the Mark I much, due to it's age (bout 1892). It does shoot very well with 200 gn lrnfp, will try them in Mark VI.
Bummer that they'r so far off from factory velocity specs. Oh well, at least Hornady has the brass.
I'm resurrecting this old topic thread in case anyone wants to share any additional .455 discussion. I shoot an unmodified Webley Mark IV and have a great time with it. I mostly use Unique for my loads. Obtained some Mountain and Sowden brass from an English friend and have had perfect satisfaction with them. Fiocchi brass is too thin and weak for satisfactory handloading. I've always lost three or four on the initial firing and then it's down hill from there.
Thanks for the "resurrection" as I didn't know a .455 Webley thread was on the forum.

Over the last year I've picked up a Webly Mark VI, Colt New Service and a Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejecotor in .455. (The Smith has the cylinder chambers bored through for .45 Colt, but the other two have the factory chamberings.) The old revolvers in the big old black powder cartridge should be fun to play with when I get the chance.
The Webleys look funny but handle like dreams, both the square grip and birdshead grips models. I have good luck with most any .452 to .454 diameter bullet in my old revolver using good ol' Unique. I also have used Blue Dot. My English friend liked Red Dot for his Mark VI. I regretfully say "liked" as his licensed handguns were taken in the infamous 1997 handgun grab there.
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