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45 cap>?? is there a need

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what does everyone think about the cap.glock has build a gun for the size now and do you guys feel that there is a need for the round or will it die .??and does anyone owe one yet and if you do what is the plus and minus to the round.?
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Hello. I do not own one. About the only advantage for it I see is that it allows the use of a 45-caliber cartridge in a Glock with the smaller frame used in the 9mm and .40 versions of the pistol.

The .45 Glock Automatic Pistol (GAP) is a cartidge in search of a home, I think.

The idea is, as Mr. Camp pointed out, to fit a round ballistically similar to the .45acp into a 9mm sized pistol. This is achieved through higher pressures and a slightly lighter bullet weight, though think there is a 230gr available.

I don't think the round will succeed unless the LE community gets behind it. However, they are keeping their 9mms or gravitating toward the .40 or .357sig.

I do believe that without the backing of the LE community, it will achieve a cult following and the status usually reserved for cartridges such as the 10mm.

I think it has a little more chance of success than the .50 GI, but not by much. There are more ammo manufacturers for it than the .50 but I don't think anyone but Glock chambers for it.

Josh <><
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I think it may appeal to new shooters, especially those with small hands. I just saw today in the May issue of American Rifleman the single-action 1911 type Defender pistol put out by Springfield Armory (I get my father-in-law's copy when he gets through with it). The frame is actually shorter from the frontstrap to the backstrap, so is the ejection port. Similar to the Micro, the circumference is only 5" just below the grip safety.

It may hinge on cost of ammunition and/or if a person reloads their own ammo. I don't think the GAP is necessarily a bad idea and agree with Joshua it may develop a cult following.
I think Glock just wanted their own caliber. I won't be trading in any .45 ACP ammo or guns.
I think the .45 GAP fills a theoretical niche. Theoretically, there is a large call for a small 9mm to .40 sized handgun in .45 caliber. Realistically this demand exists but isn't at least in my opinion filled by the .45 GAP.

For starters the .45 GAP needs to capture a large segment of the LEO market to be successful, much like the .40 S&W has and the .357 Sig is really begining to. The .45 GAP is behind, WAY behind, especially when compared to it's competition the .45 ACP which has nearly 90 years worth of experience, production, and development in it.

I just don't see it happening, the .45 GAP is an expensive cartridge, the higher pressures used in the gun will be harder on the gun, and the practicality of the guns will be offset by the high cost. If you want a weapon in a 9mm or .40 size you'll buy a 9mm or .40, the ammunition will be more plentiful, it will be easier to shoot, and it will be probably serve you just as well.

I believe several here have quoted FBI(or some other recognized source?) statistics that show that a hollow point 9mm round and a hollow point .45 ACP round really don't vary that much power and penetration wise. Making both equally effective rounds. Sure a .45 caliber bullet makes us feel more comfortable and some will say damn the costs and use it. Personally, I'll be ok sticking with my 9mm, .45 ACP, .38 Specials, and even .32 ACPs.

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I think the solution is the .50 GI short.

Josh <><

J/k... don't shoot!
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.50 GI Short, eh Josh?

What would you chamber that one in, a beefed up Walther PPK?

I can think of some good lines there, "Is that a GI Short in your pocket or are you just happy to see me."

From gun owner to mugger, "Stop or I'll shoot it's a 'Fifty GI Short!'"


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I would like to see a .45 GAP in the same frame as the Glock 23. Then I might be interested. Ammunition is soooooooo expensive, though.
45gap would interest me if someone figures out how to stuff it into a 40cal browning hi power, 'till then i dont personally have a need or desire for it.
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