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How many different bullet weights are available from the factory for the 45ACP? In my mind, I was thinking that it was just the 185gr and the 230gr. Are there any manufacturers of 200 gr loads out there? I'm asking because I've not seen any. Anyone know of a small ammo company that offers anything other than 185 and 230?


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Howdy Mr. Matt,

The short answer, as other folks have already noted is yes sir. You got me curious, so I did a quick scan of one site I have just used for a first time to order ammo from. There are several other sites I did not check, so there may well be offerings I have missed too sir.

Scanning their 45acp offerings, besides the 185 and 230 grain HP loads, I found the following:

Federal 165 HS Hp (Hydra Shok HP)
Federal 200 +P EFMJ (expanding full metal jacket)
Corbon 165 +P HP
Corbon 200 +P HP (think both use Gold Dot projectiles)
Hornady 200 +P XTP HP (Extreme Terminal Performance HP)
Hornady 200 +P CQ TAP (LE Close Quarter Tactical Application)
Speer 200 +P GD (Gold Dot).

Back in the early 70's when I began working narcotics for the first time, I was using the Speer 200 gr JHP, their old "flying ashtray" load. It was the favorite of many city/county/state/federal narcs I worked with, as it was with me. Since most of us at the city/county/state levels at that point in time had to supply our own duty ammo, it did not much matter what we selected, as long as its bullet configuration complied with our departmental firearms regs. I even watched a few federal boys right before we kicked a door, strip their 45acp mags and ask - who has some spare Speer 200s they will loan me?

I can personally attest the old flying ashtrays would do their intended jobs. I wish they still offered them, but since then there have been many beneficial advancements in handgun ammunition too. I still have a partial box of the flying ashtrays in my handgun ammo cabinet that I will never fire. I save them for the sentimental value they have for me.

So yes sir there are at least commercial offerings in 165, 185, 200, and 230 grain projectiles in HP configurations - all from major or at least established, reputable companies. If you reload, you may well find even more potential bullets available for use too.

Hope we were able to start you off in the right direction anyway Mr. Matt. Good luck in your quest.


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Hey, Twoguns.

PMC offers a load that looks for all the world like it's loaded with the ashtray. I've shot a few armadillos with it, and it seems to work well, but my wetpack tests with it left something to be desired. It's entirely possible that was my fault, so I won't blame the ammo.

I believe it's available in both standard and +P loadings, with either 185 or 200 grain projectiles. Anyway, if it's not the Speer bullet, it's certainly a close cousin.

I did find these photos on my site from a wetpack test I did a couple of years ago.

And here's the 185 PMC:

And finally, the 230 Winchester SXT:


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I realize I'm dragging up an old topic here, but I ain't been around in quite a while. Thought I'd mention that Silver Tips are also available (or were at one time) in a lighter bullet weight- 165 grains as I recall. I found them to expand well on varmints.
I'm sure some of the more exotic frangible ammo such as Magsafe or Glaser is rather light in bullet weight. Aguila used to offer a .45 loading with a 117 grain bullet, with a gaping hollow point, at 1450 fps.

On the other end of the spectrum, anyone know of heavier bullet loadings? I used to have fun handloading 255 gr SWC in my .45 when I wanted to chuck a big hunk 'o lead, but they wouldn't cycle reliably. Also played with a round ball atop a case full of black powder.
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