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Howdy folks,

My department at one point used a lot of 3-D in .38 spc WC target loads, as has already been noted. This was like 30+ years ago or so now. I was not aware they had begun to offer HP loads, and I have no idea what level they are loaded to. I suspect they are not super hot anyway, but that is just my guess. But since they normally use fired brass they tumble to appear "new", I suspect they tend to keep the loads on the milder end to avoid ruptured cases, etc.

As to the mixed headstamps, that one I can probably explain. They were when I dealt with them strictly a company that remanufactured (the professional or business name for reloaded) ammo. The company would quote my department two different prices - one for a straight purchase, and one if we shipped them the equivalent amount of brass to be reloaded. As I held a class 6 (ammo manufacture) license for nearly 20 years, I understand what the regs were back in that time frame. If I sold you "my old brass" or "new brass" then I was manufacturing and had to charge you Federal Excise Tax included in the sale price, and would send that collected tax to the IRS. If I reloaded "your bass" I was remanufacturing/reloading your ammo for you, and the FET did not apply at that point.

I won't speculate on whether or not they actually reloaded the brass I shipped them when they filled my departmental orders. But unless they have stopped the practice of accepting customer brass, I strongly suspect that is the reason you are seeing mixed headstamps in your box of ammo.

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