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Hello All,

I was at the gunstore looking for 000 buck (they're out) when I ran across some 3D ammunition. This stuff is SJHP, and the box is not labeled as "+P". However, some of the caseheads are.

It was interesting, so I bought it. Now I just need to know what it is - is it remanufactured, or did 3D buy a bunch of brass from different sources? Except for the headstamps, they all look uniform - that is, they all have the same bullet and the same bright nickel case.

Does anyone know how old these are, and how hot? Is it safe for non- +P 38 revolvers? What the heck did I buy?

Here is the top of the box... police cartidges? Maybe that explains the lack of headstamp consistency?

The front of the box...

Some headstamp samples. Notice one says "+P". That's confusing.

The back of the box says this:

3 - D POLICE CARTRIDGES are manufactured to rigid specifications, utilizing American-made, specially selected components, non-corrosive priming and modern smokeless powder. Bullets are specially designed for minimum leading and superior accuracy. Automatic production machinery is used exclusively throughout loading operation. Carbide dies and taper crimp provide maximum case life. These cartridges are adapted to all standard arms chambered for .38 special caliber and are guaranteed to perform satisfactorily.
Any ideas, gents?


Josh <><
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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