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.380acp Factory Comparisons

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Howdy folks,

Yesterday I was out in the desert with a shooting buddy who uses a Walther PPK/S .380acp as one of his backup pistols. He knew we were going to be shooting my chronograph for the first time, and brought his pistol with an assortment of factory ammo (he does not reload yet, but I am working on him with some positive results, lol).

I thought the .380 acp fans might be interested in seeing how the factory rounds he shot yesterday performed. It has been a long time since I owned one of these pistols, and had to check to confirm the barrel length is listed as 3.3".

Winchester 95 FMJ
PPK/S avg 990.7, es 21.9

CCI Blazer 95 FMJ (brass cased)
PPK/S avg 994.0, es 17.1

Winchester 85 STHP
PPK/S avg 1001.5, es 77.7

Federal 90 HS
PPK/S avg 1002.6, es 33.3

Speer 88 JHP
PPK/S avg 934.2, es 96.3

Speer 90 GDHP
PPK/S avg 1083.4, es 41 (group 1)
PPK/S avg 1073.8, es 20 (group 2)

Super Vel 88 JHP
PPK/S avg 1157.6, es 56

We had the chronograph set up 8' from the pistol muzzles, and he had a total of 3 error readings while using the FMJ loads. He simply added another round to give us 5 valid readings.

Hope the .380 fans will find this information helpful.

Again, my thanks to Mr. OG for his suggestions on the brand of chronograph to purchase, and suggestions he and others have offered a newbie learning to use one. All comments and suggestions have been appreciated. Please keep them coming guys, as they will always be welcomed.

Shoot well and often,

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Thanks for the report twoguns. Higher velocities than I would have thought from some of the rounds. It's nice to know that several break 1000 fps; I like the little Sig 232 as a backup to the BHP on occasion.


You are very welcome sir. My buddy carries his as a backup at times, so he was fairly happy to see some of the results too. I am new to using a chronograph, and honestly if these were the first rounds fired, I would have wondered if I had set things up properly.

But this was like the 5 pistol fired, so by then I was confident things were running smoothly with the unit.

Glad it helps you some.

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