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I read an interesting little story over at a website called TexasCHLForum.com. Gentleman was firing DPX out of his Keltec when he got a squib round, with the bullet lodged halfway down the barrel.

The interesting part to me was that when he contacted Cor-Bon, they had him send in the three boxes of ammo he had and the plugged barrel, and returned to him the unplugged barrel and seven boxes of ammo.

Based on one story, this does not diminish the reputation of DPX in my eyes - I have read a number of squib stories about all kinds of ammo. What interested me was I did think Cor-Bon's reponse was pretty good.

Also a good argument for having a BUG!

If you want to see the whole story, I believe this link will take you there (don't know if you have to register first to see it or not):


BTW, I have found TexasCHLForum.com interesting as it discusses a number of issues and laws about Texas CHLs. It appears the chief moderator/founder is a lawyer who serves on TSRA's legislative affairs committee (I think that's the right term), so if you are a Texan, you might find this site useful.


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Howdy Mr. ELB,

I would agree with you that Cor-Bon gave a quick response to that situation. If he posts any further comments on that round and his pistol, either postive or negative, please update us when you can.

In over 35 years on various ranges shooting various commercial ammo, I have seen more than a few squib loads, along with rounds with no primer seated, or with the primer seated upside down in the brass. That is simply one reason why I physically inspect every round before I load it into a magazine or a cylinder.

The only outstanding response I have ever personally experienced was with the Speer 124+P rounds I had in inventory at the office once. They had lot numbers within a potential questionable batch of rounds, and Speer simply contacted every office they had shipped a questionable lot number of ammo too. Then they had a LE rep made personal contact with the head firearms instructor to discuss things.

The LE rep confirmed the number of cases of the questioned lot numbers I had in inventory, and shipped out replacements. They also sent me the paperwork to return the remaining cases back to the factory at their expense. I simply had to attach the stickers and called the designated shipper to say come pick my ammo up.

I had not experienced the first problem with any of the 124+P loads, nor had I personally spoken to another instructor who had either. I told the LE rep that, and he thanked me for my candor. Then he said Speer was simply going to replace the ammo case for case, as they felt the most comfortable doing that with a LE order. I had always liked my dealings with Speer, and their response simply improved my attitude of the way they handled a possible problem.

Sorry to hi-jack your thread. I just feel when any company such as Cor-Bon, or in my case Speer, handles a problem well, they deserve the credit for their actions.

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