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.38 Sp 130 gr. FMJ Velocity Question

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Friends: Today I purchased ten boxes of Federal American Eagle .38 Sp 130 gr. 'ball" ammunition (AE38K), which I intend to use for informal target shooting. I am surprised to see that the box labels cite a velocity of 950 fps and a muzzle energy of 260 ft.-lb. for this load. Could those be the real numbers if this ammo is fired from a 4" or 6" barrel? I ask because most +P 125 jhp .38s seem hard pressed to get 950 from a 4" barrel, while this is supposedly a standard pressure loading. Thanks for your feedback. --c
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Hello. That exact load chronographs 835 ft/sec from one of my Model 10 4" bbl guns and 802 ft/sec from a 3" Model 64. I suspect that the 950 ft/sec is either a mistake or taken from a pressure bbl.

Thanks, Mr. Camp. Those numbers sure seemed peculiar. --c
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