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Two things I think might be worth noting from the Glock 33 that I owned for a couple of years (and the over 2000 rounds of .357 SIG I fired through it) when it first came out: 1) the round is (as are all bottlenecked pistol rounds I've fired) wonderfully reliable in the feeding department (you're shoving a 9mm pole into a 10mm hole - I never had any hangups with the microGlock, despite a pretty iffy grip sometimes); and 2) sometimes my bullets would setback into the case through administrative handling. And not a lot of it at that. So, keep an eye on overall length (pressures are high enough as it is), unless the manufacturers have gone to a more effective crimp (as on the 7.62x25).

The round definitely attracted some attention from the 3.5" Glock barrel. Folks would gather round whenever I'd shoot. One thing that struck me was how the concussion from firing really was like that of a .357 magnum revolver: I would feel a THUMP in my chest that does not accompany firing a short barreled .40, 9x19, or .45. Recoil was manageable, once I got over the fact that I was being freaked out by that concussion.

Accuracy was exactly that of the Glock 26s and 27s I fired, so I can't say that the .357 SIG round stood out in any way in this regard. Expense sure did, though - the rounds cost more than twice what I could get 9x19s for.

So, while I have no idea what it would do to a meat or hard target, I thought you might find this info of interest. :)
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