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From what I gather it's not much better than a 9mm +P(+) or a .45acp.

After all the talk here I had to go try one. I don't like it. Well, the recoil/blast lover in me likes it, but for self-defense I would take a 9mm first.

Take a 4" revolver of your choice and shoot as many of the hottest loads you can find commercially as you can stand, rapid fire. That will give you an idea of the blast.

The flash isn't worth it IMO, especially in the dark.

The only advantage I see is that the bottleneck profile may help feeding. Other than that I wasn't impressed.

Josh <><

P.S. The name is a misnomer for those who don't know. The ".357" is for marketing purposes; it uses a 9mm or .355" bullet. J
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