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.357 Magnum hunting load 4" barrel?

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My father-in-law likes to deer hunt from a tree stand. At his age he also has mild tremors (shakes). He is planning on taking a Colt Python .357 with 4" barrel (legal) as a backup to his 7mm Mag rifle. He would only take relatively close shots with the Colt. Any suggestions on a good factory loading for deer?
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Hello. I think I'd try Hornady 158-gr. XTP's. The load is usually quite accurate and the XTP penetrates well after going to about 1.5 x original diameter.

I hunt with the 357 for deer when I can,it will work fine as long as you punch the side, but I prefer the heavier loads like the 180 grain or the Buffaloe Bore loads,
I found out today that he already had a box of Federal 158gr. Hydra-Shock. That's what he's gonna use. I doubt he'll have any problems with that load.
I guess he'll already be back from the hunt by the time you read this but the Remington 158gr. SJHP works OK. Double lung hit they'll run 75yds or so. Will probably exit. At least on Texas deer mine have.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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