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Kind of a very informal test but here is what I received.

Gun: S&W Model 28 (no dash) ;) 4" barrel.
Load: .357 Magnum 158gr. Remington SJHP
Distance: 5yds.
Medium: Bag of oranges backed by a 1.5" dry phone book then backed by a Vietnam flack jacket.

Shot 1. Perfectly expanded, lodged in phone book.
2. Perfectly expanded, jacket separation, lodged in phone book.
3. Perfectly expanded, stopped by flack jacket.
4. Same as #3.
5. Same as #3.
6. Same as #3.

The oranges were blown up and knarled. Slugs mirrored what I've encountered in whitetailed deer which I used only one time. The bullet went through both lungs and barely exited the far side. Havent used this load on hogs, though. Did not have a chrono or caliper to measure diameter of bullets but all slugs expanded like "the picture" just distorted. Very impressed with expansion. Penetration would have been 10" on average but the phone book was dry and, of course, the flack jacket which stopped the expanded bullets cold. Two of them broke the lining but that's it. None got through the first layer of protection.

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Packages of cheap hot dogs work well too but I didn't have any that day. I'd like to run these through the wet newsprint but I haven't bought a newspaper in years.

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do your neighbors recycle their papers on the curb? Mine do and I just visit their little recyle bins and get some of the newspapers.
Or even ask your neighbors to save the papers for you. Just don't use the slick advertising sections.
Give it a try. Lot's of fun. The only bad part is taking the wetpack apart afterwards. Your hands get black from the ink so take a wet towel to clean up with after.
og.........I haven't tested the 158 gr but .357 is a hoot!
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