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32 acp from 6" barrel?

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The folks at the Beretta forum were kind enough to point me to a place having 7 round magazines for my M1935 ( 4" +/- ) and 9 round magazines for my M100 ( 6" ) w/ adjustable sights. Which means I can use them at last.

The M100 can be summed up as a skinny barrel Colt Woodsman in 32, but lighter, as it's on an aluminum frame.

So does anyone know if the 32 picks up a significant velocity boost in the longer barrel, or is it pretty much a wash?
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It's according to what loads you're using...S&B loads are hot compared to Winchester USA or UMC loads. Most of the american loads are lowered so they don't destroy the lower quality guns like Jennings/Bryco/Davis/Raven/etc. Most of the time european loads are hotter than ours...Fiochi is hotter to. Chinese 9mm ball was even battering the lower quality guns up because it is loaded to NATO specs.
the longer barrel will make a big difference and increase velocity a good bit. A group of my friends and I did a wetpack test to compare different .32acp pistols. Barrels less than 2.2" (like NAA and Seecamp) would not expand a JHP round. From 2.4" to 2.7" we got expansion 2/3 of the time. And a 3.3"barrel Walther got expansion with all JHP's.
I suspect your 6" would be a hoot!
Thank you OG.

I was wondering if there was any relationship as with the autopistol carbines, such as the Marlin Camp 9, and Camp 45 carbines vs the lever action magnum carbines.


The Camp 9 carbine boosts velocities about 100 to 200 fps over pistol length barrels. Depends on individual loading. High pressure but small case.

The Camp 45 carbine doesn't boost standard pressure velocities at all, but some +P loads gain a little.

The 357 Carbine I'd guess has a case capacity probably close to double the 9's. The 38 spl. design was based on a holdover from black powder though it didn't appear til after smokeless was in use. The 357 case was stretched to preclude it's being used in guns not up to handling magnum pressures. It gains 400 to 500 fps over pistol length barrels.

Some with 44 mag loads.

The 32, 45, and 380's are all pretty similar and all came out about the same era. They are also loaded much the same way - though the 45 does well with +P loads.

I spent 30 years on the prowl looking for a K-32. Never even saw one.

The Beretta Model 100 fits into a different niche. In west central Nevada it can be used as an ultralight trail gun and perform more capably than a similar 22 auto.

For running around ghost-towns my concerns are 1) rattlesnakes; 2) feral dogs; 3) feral humans; 4) cougar. There is a possibility of coming upon a black bear, but that's really slim. And I'd probably be down before I noticed a cougar. Rattlesnakes are more of a primal fear. The feral dogs and humans are more of a problem than anything else. I figure the 32 could make either pretty sick.

I spend time out in God's country partially as a spiritual renewal. I could protect myself better with a 3" M36 or a 4" M19, but that would take something away from the act, if you understand what I mean.
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For what it is worth, I used a .32 ACP out of a Beretta 1935 loaded with 71gr. FMJ. On trapped critters from possums to raccoons and even one coyote it did great when shot in the center chest. The old .32-20 in a revolver works even better. IMHO, the .32 calibers are very underrated.
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