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.30 Luger / 9mm Luger

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Out of mere curiosity I am wondering if a barrel conversion would be all that is required to convert a .30 Luger pistol to fire 9mm ammo and vice versa. As I understand it, the .30 Luger is a necked down 9mm as the .357 Sig is a necked down forty. Just musing. Thanks for any information. --c
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Hello. I have not done the 9mm to .30 Luger (or visa-versa) conversion but seem to recall from a fellow who tried it that the OD's on the the different caliber Hi Power bbls are different.

Barrels and slides as well as recoil spring are different on the BHP. Change out the whole top end and you are good to go.
With the HiPower there are some dimensional differences ,lighter slide and perhaps a lighter recoil spring.The SIG P210 needs only a barrel change,even though there is a lighter recoil spring for the .30 Luger.Most P210s would probably work with the standard 9mm recoil spring.As to other guns(Berettas,P38s,and what ever else) I don't know.A fun cartridge to shoot and capable of excellant accuracy.Will
I own a .30 Luger Mark II HP and the comments by Will are true. The slide does weight less, the recoil spring is lighter, and the external barrel diameter is smaller than that of the 9mm HP. I orginally purchased the .30 HP because I wanted to turn it into a two caliber pistol. But after an examination, I realized that it would take a whole new top end with barrel to get what I wanted. Instead I looked around and ending up buying a NIB Mark III 9mm HP for only $450. Ended up buying a Mark III .40 HP so I could own all three factory chamberings.

My .30 Mark II shoots accurately with the Winchester and Fiocchi 93 gr FMJ factory loads. Neither of these two loads are full power. Both chrono at 1161 and 1163 fps respectively. The original 7.65mm Para DWM factory 93 gr FMJ load was rated at 1250 fps in the 4.5 inch barrel of the Model 1900 Parabellum pistol.

I finally got around to buying some of the Hornady .308" 90 grain XTP-HP bullets and handloading them using Win cases and Win 231 powder. My starting load was a bit warmer than I expected. It chrono'd at 1277 fps in the HP. Primers were flattened but not excessively so. Next time I load I will drop the charge about 2/10ths of a grain and see what happens. Every now and then I read a post on assorted gun forums from someone who wishes that there was a factory loaded .30 Luger JHP load. Such a load would certainly improve the stopping power of the .30 Luger, but in reality I see little point in using the .30 for self defense unless that is all that is available. Why use a .30 Luger when you can have the 9mm Luger on the same platform.

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Thanks to all for the good information. --c
Roadster-Bye The Bye,your 90 grain Hornadys should mike out at.309.I have a .30 Luger barrel in one of my SIG P210s and am about to start reloading for it(well someday!).I would love to hear about your loadings for more baseline data.Will

I'd like to find a reasonably priced .30 Luger barrel for my P210-6. But the last one I saw was used and the asking price was more than I paid for the Mark II .30 HP new. Maybe someday...

I started out at 5.2 grs of #231 under the 90 gr XTP in Win cases and CCI #500 primers. This is the load that chrono'd at 1277 fps.

For years my basic practice load was the Speer 100 gr .30 Plinker over 4.4 grs Bullseye. This is an easy shooting load that chrono'd at 1083 fps. I used to load a cast lead bullet in the .30 Luger. I cast SAECO #325 which is a 95 gr SWC for .32 revolver rounds. I sized it .309 and loaded it over 4.4 gr Bullseye. This load did 1105 fps but leaded the barrel badly. Really can't recommend lead bullets in the .30 Luger.

Hope this info helps you when you start handloading the .30 Luger.

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Fiocchi used to make a 7.65 Luger JSP load. It
[quote="arminius":8a3ucep7]Fiocchi used to make a 7.65 Luger JSP load. It
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