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2cnd Edition Sigma

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I would like to hear from anyone else who has a "second edition" Sigma. I think these all end with "VE" in the model stamping. 9mm or .40 it doesn't matter, but only the VE ones.

I know the trigger on mine is much better than what many say, which makes me think they all had the first edition ones that were made from 94-98 and ended with ( from what I can gather ) a "C" or "F". It is easy to spot a "first edition" in either caliber since they don't have the accessory rail.

I regret that right now the Sigma is the only gun I own. It is also the first S&W I've ever bought. So I'm trying to learn all I can about them.

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I believe you will find that the VE Sigmas are the third generation..From what I have seen in print the current,VE's, are the best of the lot as far as frame not cracking.. The trigger system was also changed and is rather stiff..It will smooth out a bit with use though..It is not a target pistol by any means but is capable of good accuracy when one has mastered the trigger..Unlike an other plastic framed gun it is great with and safe with lead bullets..
I believe that for an inexpensive handgun it can't be beat..
I like mine..
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