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FWIW, I agree on the Rugers. Sometimes I will hold my nose and buy a *used* Ruger since they will get no money from that sale, but I have to admit, while I really liked some of their guns and used to purchase them regularly before the sell out, that really soured me on them.

I do have a Ruger standard pistol which I mounted a 2X scope on way back in 1971 or '72...it thinks it is a rifle but it is only my second most accurate .22 pistol.

By all accounts the trail-side is extremely accurate. But of course a guy should get something he likes and enjoys.

My favorite, and by happy coincidence my most accurate, .22 handgun is a Pre-war Colt Woodsman. It is the perfect size and weight for a .22.

For some strange reason you can still find these used. I purchased one for my Son last Christmas for $400. In fact it was a "pre-woodsman" made in 1919...it shoots fine but one has to be sure they are converted to fire high velocity cartridges if that is what he is going to shoot (mine is, his is not). To be honest, I prefer subsonic HPs for small game and standard vel match for other duties so that is not really a problem except that the cheap bulk .22 is usually H.V.

The little Walther P-22 is pretty nifty also but it too has a lot of plastic.

My CZ-75 conversion (by CZ not EAA) shoots pretty good and they also make a complete pistol in .22 for a reasonable price.

I certainly applaud the suggestion for a S&W 41 they were outstanding!

One can usually find High Standads used from $250 to $500 depending on the model... The Citation was one of the most accurate pistols ever made but none of them are any slouch.

Good luck!
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