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22cal conversion kit for my 9mm CZ 75

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I purchased a 22cal conversion kit for my pre B CZ 75. It will fire some of the time and other times I have to keep pulling the trigger to get it to fire. This gun is double action. There are times I can fire off 6 rounds and then nothing. I have to pull back on the slide, eject the shell and try again. I would have thought that the conversion kit would be as reliable as a regular 22 hand gun. I also tried different ammo (Federal, CCI high power and Remington) they all malfunction. What gives?
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Howdy Mr. Attilapap,

First welcome to the site sir.

I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the Kadet Kit for you pre-B. I have one for my 75B and frankly could not be happier with mine. So I am not sure what to suggest.

You might want to go to the CZ forum site and post your question there as well. Not that I am trying to push out of this forum at all, just that I think many more folks there own the Kadet Kits. It is possible that it is not designed to work with the pre-B versions, but I think I have seen some folks there talk about using on theirs too.

Another question just hit me too. Did you need to "fit" the kit to our pre-B frame? It may need to be fitted, or it may not have been fitted correctly. Again I think the CZ forum could offer intelligent suggestions for you to consider.

If you need the link for that site, let me know and I will post it for you.

Good luck, and we look forward to you sharing your thoughts, experiences and questions with us here. Enjoy you time with us.

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Thanks twoguns; I have the link to CZ and will post my question there. In regards to having to "fit" the kit I have not done so. The slide fit perfect therefore I didn't think there was anything extra for me to do. I have heard of people needing to file, but I am not sure what and why. I will keep you posted if I find a solution.
Howdy sir,

Good luck. I am sure no expert on this or any other weapon platform. But I do recall some folks used the kit without any fitting, while the vast majority of folks did do just a file stroke of two to mate the two units together. Apparently there is a white plastic tab on the slide that may require fitting with a file.

I lucked out as a very competent CZ smith was about to do some work on my first 75B in 40 for me. He said if you want just include the kit in your package. I have fitted tons of them and will do it very easily. I just decided to allow him to do my fitting.

But hopefully the folks on that forum will be able to quickly resolve your issues for you sir. Btw, there are at least 3 well respected CZ smiths that are members there, and frequently respond to those types of questions too. The gentleman I use, Angus Hobdell, has his own smithing room there as well.

Good luck and please keep us posted.

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