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.22 magnum

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I've recently switched from carrying my .32 ACP to a 22 magnum NAA Revolver that I have had for some time now(circa 1994, so it's nothing new to me at all). I used to consider it a novelty to have but have found it as easy to carry as my pocket change, literally. Now, I normally carry a .45 compact and just use the smaller calibers for back-up guns. I don't really have a lot of experience with the 22 mag though other than punching paper with it. Anyone ever do any more 'research' on this caliber by way of testing or use?
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One of the first uses of a firearm by a permit holder in Kentucky (we started issuing in 1996) was a fellow I have corresponded with who interupted a bank robbery using one of these.

He managed to hit one of the robbers in the throat with no immediate effect. However the robbers were caught later when they sought medical attention for the wounded one.

The fellow told me that he now knew two things he would never do again.

1. intefer with a bank robbery (the police treated him like he was a nuisance to society!)

2. Never be anywhere without a .45 on his person! (he had a larger handgun in his truck but carreid the mini revolver for coinvience - see the "comfortable vs comforting thread").

Onward and upward,
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