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I've read a lot about 9mm in 147 grain here.
It seems I'm reading a lot more about the 147gr.

I have a Beretta CX Storm and an FN Hi Power that I plan to load with Gold Dot 147 gr.

I'm curious.
Are 147 gr Gold Dots Sub sonic? I read the 147 gr. was developed for greater accuracy in MP 5's. So, I assume these may work best in longer barrels and I'm assuming there would be less recoil and muzzle flash from a sub sonic round in a pistol.

I hate to ask too many questions, but I do not understand how a heavier 147gr bullet would be more accurate at a distance than a lighter, faster 124 gr bullet. What kind of distance are they talking about?

Would they be pretty accurate and effective out of pistols will barrels less than 4 inches? I read that Mr. Camp tested them in the Sig 225 and I recall favors the 124 gr, which I keep in this and my Kimber Pro Carry 9mm.

I use only Gold Dots. I got my 147gr and 124gr rounds mixed up. I thought I could tell the differency by measuring them. I measured one of each from the box and they were the same length. Is there enough difference in weight to tell on an electronic postage scale? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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