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Are 147 gr Gold Dots Sub sonic?
Most are. Especially the standard pressure rounds. Going through my admittedly old data (a sheet in the back of Guns and Ammo's 2001 Annual) I note no supersonic 147gr loads, though Winchester's does come close. The rest are in the mid-900fps range.

I hate to ask too many questions, but I do not understand how a heavier 147gr bullet would be more accurate at a distance than a lighter, faster 124 gr bullet. What kind of distance are they talking about?
Combat distances out to say, 50 yds in a pistol, but usually more like 25. Most combat sights are regulated for 124gr +P btw, and will shoot maybe 1/2"-1" low with 115gr loads, and perhaps a bit higher with 147gr, depending on the load. I believe most rifling twists are optimized for the 124gr bullet, but that could be changing. I do not know which loading has more inherent accuracy if shot from different handguns with rifling rates reflecting their repsective loads. I would guess that it wouldn't be enough to matter.

Would they be pretty accurate and effective out of pistols will barrels less than 4 inches? I read that Mr. Camp tested them in the Sig 225 and I recall favors the 124 gr, which I keep in this and my Kimber Pro Carry 9mm.
I would doubt expansion would be reliable. Expansion/deformation is a result of velocity. I would go lighter in a <4" pistol, to the tune of 115gr Cor
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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