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124gr. Winchester Ranger jhps. how are they?

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Hi to all. Am a new member here, but am a hp user. Use both a bhp and a FEG P9M. My loads so far are Rem-UMC 115g Jhps, Winchester Silvertips, and I just got a box of Winchester Ranger ammo, 124gr, +P jhp loads. These are unfamiliar to me, have any of you used them?

performance-wise or loading problems?

thanks! :)
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Howdy sir and welcome to the site. I just saw your question or I would have answered you sooner, sorry.

The Ranger line of ammo by Winchester is basically its law enforcement line. The way we order it is in 50 round boxes, 1K per case. Althought a law enforcement load primarily, there is not restriction for a non-LEO to possess or use this round.

My agency has issued several different calibers of Ranger JHP ammo in the past. To my knowledge we have never had a real world shooting with the Ranger 9mm load. So I can not give you any info on how it performs inside a bad guy.

But as far as functioning issues, as a firearms instructor for my agency, I have never had an issue on a range where this round failed to function properly. Winchester's Ranger line does have a good reputation with the LE community, if that helps at all.

It is also one of four brands of JHPs that I personally carry in my duty or off duty weapons, for what that is worth.

Hope that helps a little with your question. Again, sorry for the long delay in responding.

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Hi jericho and welcome,

From what I have heard and read, the 127 grain +P+ Ranger load is about as good as it gets with 9mm. I have never had a problem in my BHP with these rounds, even with the factory recoil spring. Check out some of the articles on Mr. Camp' site, Hi Powers and Handguns, for more information.

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