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Howdy Mr. Spikey614,

Well sir this one is certainly new to me. I just looked at the Remington ammo site and disovered they offer the hollow point copper slug in both a 3" and 2.75" version in 12ga. I will readily admit to now using a 12ga much these days. If fact I have two new ones I need to function test still.

But I have a ton of various buckshot loads on hand as wel as slug loads in 12 gauge. Since I have a lot of rounds on hand and do not shoot a 12ga in recent months, I have not really been keeping up with newer loads. If this is not a newer load, it is simply one I have not heard of yet.

If you do find it and buy some, I would be curious to hear your thoughts on how they function and appear to expand out of your shotgun. According to their website the stated fps for the 2.75" load was 1450 muzzle, with the 3" round listed as 1550.

But to answer you original question, no sir I have never heard of this load until you mentioned it.

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