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Hello. In the recent past I ran some accuracy, velocity, and expansion tests on Corbon's DPX in 3 calibers and have been mightily impressed with it in 9mm.

I have not shot anything animate with it.

Has anyone used the 9mm DPX load on anything living yet? Hog, dog, deer, etc?

If so I'd sure appreciate your observations.

Thanks in advance.


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Mr. Camp,

I've not. However, if some DPX shows up in my neck of the woods I will buy some to test it.

What kind of critter is too small? I would most likely end up popping a racoon or possum.

The last possum I shot with the 124gr Black Hills load exited completely and I could not recover any rounds, so this may be an issue. If you would like incapacitation times only I would be able to do that.

I'll start calling around tomorrow, see if anyone's got any.

Josh <><

P.S. While not a direct correlation, some deer hunters here have been using the Barnes X slug in their rifled tubes. Without exception, the deer have dropped on the spot. J

(edited to add the P.S.)
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