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11.25mm ammo

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I am having trouble finding ammo in 11.25mm that expands, that perhaps replicates Pow'rball ease of feeding in weapons that don't have polished ramps for JHP. I found out from Corbon that their +P ammo should not be fired in weapons made in 1946 in 11.25mm. That is why I am looking for a round that is similar to the functioning of Pow'rball but is not a FMJ bullet. I guess I should give Golden Saber another shot( pardon the pun ).

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Matt - the entire purpose of 11.25mm is that it does not expand as it is already 11.25mm. I personally am not much of a fan of +P loadings for the old M1911. I think the 230 grain GS or FED Hydrashok is about as good as they get for expansion. As I recall, the FBI uses the 230 grain Hydrashok in 11.25mm.
Ok, I'll show my ignorance here: What's the difference between 11.25mm and .45acp?

Josh <><
Josh - he got you! The only reason I knew it was that a friend once had a Norwegian M1914 in 11.25 (a M1911 variant made I think in Norway in 45 ACP). When the Germans took Norway, they appropriated them for use by the Waffen-SS. Sometimes they can be found marked with waffenampt, the German proof/acceptance mark.
I knew the .45acp was 11.25mm... but the way the question was posed, I thought there was some difference, like the difference between 7.62x51 and .308. Wouldn't have surprised me!

Josh <><
Golden Saber should work fine as will Federal Hydra-Shok, Classic JHP and HST.

I would probably concurr with Cor-Bon on the +P in the older non-Colt guns (I suspect they include Colt guns that old also just to be safe) as the steel and heat treatment in the older guns was not quite up to todays standards.

Still, I would not hesitate to fire +p occasinally in a sound Colt of any age but just would not give them a steady diet. The Argentine guns I would probably stick with regular pressure.


I think that the metric designation for .45 ACP is 11.25 X 25mm.

You learn something new every day-and I've only had my first cup of coffee :)
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