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"best" probably might mean something different to each of us and I don't think I would be prepared to argue against someone else's choice if that was what suited them.

I have several 10mms and am an early experimenter with the cartridge (in fact I got to shoot the prototype Bren X using ammo cobble up in .30 Remington cases).

The Glock sure makes sense. Mine is certainly accurate. But it is too big for me (my hand) to control the trigger in rapid fire and the muzzle flip is also just a touch over the top (no big surprise, I cannot control my G-17 as well as I control my 1911). That said it is a very fine line, if you don't really shoot that fast they are all pretty comfortable. The 20 & 21 are also just a bit "fat" for me but then who am I to criticize :-[

A 1911 makes a fine 10mm. All of mine are Colts but I do have a DW .45 and one in 10mm should be just fine. Have seen some 10mm Kimbers with adjustable sights...those might make fine hunting weapons also.

My Bren is accurate and has a great trigger and would certainly suffice for both hunting and defense but I get the impression that it will not take the abuse of a 1911.

I have a Witness in 10mm also. Pretty accurate and maybe just a touch tougher in the slide than the Bren (there are some square corners and thin sides in the Bren that worry me).

Any of them will proably work. It is a fine cartridge for the purpose you state, though I prefer the .45 ACP for both uses (then again my handgun hunting is done at fairly short range).

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