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Hello all,

My little brother who is currently deployed in Fallujah, Iraq (Marine Scout Sniper) is a gun nut like all of us. I'd like to surprise him with a nice pistol for when he gets back. He has quite a few guns and I was thinking of either the 10mm Colt Delta Elite or the .357 Colt Python. Having heard negative things about the 10mm, I'm wondering if anybody else has input on the matter. Any other suggestions I'm glad to hear them, especially in the $1K range and below. I am also somehwat considering a CZ 97b since he's a big guy with big hands.

Also, to rule out any guns he already owns, here's a list of what he does have off the top of my head.
Browning Hi Power Practical
Taurus Raging Hornet
Accuracy International .308 AW
Winchester Model 70 22-250
Ruger #1 25-06
Browning Buck Mark .22
Freedom Arms .22 derringer
6.5 Swedish
12 gauge shotgun
Kimber TLE II .45
and a few others!

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Hello. I do not own one, but was very favorably impressed with the CZ-97's I've shot. Over the years, I've shot only two or three, don't remember for sure. I do remember being exceptionally surprised at the mechanical accuracy in the examples I shot. I found the DA trigger pull a little long to be comfortable but as it allows for cocked and locked carry, that wouldn't necessarily turn me off to the gun.

I only shot these using ball ammunition. I've read and have been told that these can be picky about JHP ammunition, but I'll bet that stuff with the more rounded ogive might very well run fine through them. I also suspect that work can be done on the feed system to eliminate any such problems.

These are relatively inexpensive compared to many all-steel .45's.

Felt recoil was not remarkable and the guns were pleasant to shoot.

There are not a lot of holsters or aftermarket parts available for the CZ-97 that I'm aware of, if that's of importance.


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I've got a 10mm Gold Cup but seldom shoot it anymore, opting instead for a 5" .45. I like the accuracy of the round, and it

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He has a basic reloading setup back home, now you've got my head churning
Are you able to find commercial 10mm around much?

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I just flat don't know, I haven't bought any commercial 10mm ammo in years. Back when I was shooting it more often, I loaded a bunch of ammo and still have plenty.

I just did a little search via Ammoman.com and ammuntionstore.com (neither of which I've ever bought from) and found 10mm for around $270.00 per K.

I know it's apples and oranges, but I load my own .45 for roughly $68.00 per K.

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