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  1. For Sale
    You must have 25 quality posts minimum to use the Commerce section to sell or start a trade thread. You may answer trade offers or sellers' offers prior to that time. Bob Reed
  2. Ammo Discussion
    Here’s my question in a vacuum so I don’t have to repeat months of research, comparing, hand-wringing, decision changing, range rentals… In your experience (with yourself and with others) are .45 and 9x19 the two most commonly owned ammo calibers (weapon pro/con and the great caliber debate...
  3. General Firearm Questions & Discussions
    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a list/database of small arms ammunition factories worldwide, preferably consisting its year of establishment. Do you guys have any info regarding the subject? Thanks, Lee.
  4. Ammo Discussion
    I traded a savage mark II 22 bolt action .22 rifle for a 1943 Russian mosin nagant in amazing condition. The rifle came with some surplus ammo. It appears to be typical Bulgarian yellow tip brass colored heavy ball solid lead rounds but it has a lot of punch and penetrates 1/2" steel like...
1-4 of 5 Results