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  1. For Sale
    You must have 25 quality posts minimum to use the Commerce section to sell or start a trade thread. You may answer trade offers or sellers' offers prior to that time. Bob Reed
  2. Ammo Discussion
    Here’s my question in a vacuum so I don’t have to repeat months of research, comparing, hand-wringing, decision changing, range rentals… In your experience (with yourself and with others) are .45 and 9x19 the two most commonly owned ammo calibers (weapon pro/con and the great caliber debate...
  3. Ammo Discussion
    Hmm, okay. Let me try this again. This posting looks like spam to the moderators. Thanks for your input.
  4. Ammo Discussion
    First of all I would like to say this is my first thread and post at Handguns & Ammunition. Hello everyone. Now, Just for the record I have only been shooting for about 3 years now. I just purchased some TulAmmo for the first time. I got a 100 round box of 9mm 115gr FMJ BrassMAXX. It is...
  5. Ammo Discussion
    I've used Geco Ammo in both 9mm and .45 ACP, and find it to be very high quality. Geco is made by the European conglomerate RUAG, which also makes RWS. I've read that the RWS bullets contain steel, but the Geco ammo I've shot so far, does not (I've confirmed this by doing the 'magnet...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, This is a great place for us to share and learn. We offer a lot in the way of ballistic testing and weapon reviews. We are always in search of information to test, help, share, and just plain have fun. Our name says it all! We do everything on a very Poboy budget, but...
  7. Ammo Discussion
    These guys have some left. Prices are a little high, but they include free shipping which is big. 9mm: 9mm Luger
  8. Ammo Discussion
    Content deleted - see Wes' post below.
1-8 of 10 Results