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TXGunNut 02-21-2019 07:49 PM

Dont Pay the Ransom....
Ive Escaped!

Those of you who knew Steve know he had a unique sense of humor. He once told me that if he somehow dozed off on night shift and missed 10-42 hed grab the mic and tell dispatch not to pay the ransom.
Yes, Ive been gone for awhile. My last visit here I PMd Ben1 and as some of you know hes spending his shooting time on Heavens Range just as Steve is.
Just thought Id stick my head in the door and say Howdy after getting a few e-mails from the admins. I probably dont have much to offer other than an old school perspective but Im happy to offer that if youll allow it. The last .45 I fired was introduced in 1873 but Im somewhat familiar with that newfangled 1911 and Ill promise not to bad-mouth the Tupperware gun fanboys. Oops. ;-)

Mike Hupp

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