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Mauser Model 1908

Purchased a mauser model 1908 made in Berlin and having trouble finding the correct bullet. Have taken it to three different armories and each one has told me something different. One said it was a 7.92 x 57mm so i bought and they wouldn't fit, another told me it was a 8mm and those won't fit either, today Cabell's took the gun and told me it was a 7mm so bought and the projectile fits the barrel but the case with not load. I can't find a gunsmith local and would love some suggestions for finding the correct ammo.
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IIRC it should be 7x57mm Mauser. Norma, S&B and Privi Partizan load it and Nosler has the components.
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First, a correction to the above: the 7.92 X 57 mm cartridge is an 8 mm Mauser cartridge and NOT 7 mm Mauser cartridge.

The Germans changed the cartridge load, dimensions, bullet, etc. circa 1905. Your rifle may be chambered for the older cartridge. A caveat here: The older round nose cartridge was had lower chamber pressures and using the modern cartridge in a rifle chambered for it is considered dangerous.

Best advice: have a qualified gunsmith make a chamber casting and then you will know for sure.
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mauser model 1908

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