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MEU Pistol Qualification


I found this while surfing pistol drills tonight.

Click the pics.

If we ignore the need for a carbine (or use it, depending on your style), what do you think of the pistol drills for the Marine Expeditionary Unit?

Josh <><
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MEU Pistol Qualification

It appears that this drill was developed by Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical, one of the foremost carbine trainers in the Nation. Pat is a retired Marine and NYPD guy as I recall. I don't remember the sequence but I have friends who have taken his courses before. You may see his excellent articles in SWAT Magazine.

JMS, to answer your question, I think that these ranges are a bit extreme for most work with handguns myself. I am of the school that thinks most of us have no reason to engage a target with a handgun at 25 y/m but Pat is in the business of teaching the young Special Operations Marines to do more than old fat guys like me! Handguns are strictly defensive in my world but SOC is not defensive.

I like the emphasis on transitions from rifle to handgun, movement and mag changes. These were not skills required by the military (other than SOF) until recent years. It is interesting to note that the Corps and other high speed, low drag folks have to seek trainers from outside their own ranks.

My understanding is that the Marines of the SOC act as shock troops for the SEAL teams much like the relationship between the Rangers and SFOD D. I am not certain of my ground here as I am not current in USMC doctrine and only know what I am told over beverages by Marines. They would not lie to me would they?
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MEU Pistol Qualification

Originally Posted by [color=#000080

It is interesting to note that the Corps and other high speed, low drag folks have to seek trainers from outside their own ranks.

Interesting yes, but it makes sense. The SEALs send guys to just about every top-name shooting school in the country for everything from handgun to precision rifle courses.
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