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Interesting Movie/ Martial Gun Art's

First let me say I am not sure where to place this so I will post it here.

With allot of members with interest in Martial Arts and Firearms this movie puts them both together. The movie is titled "Equilibrium". It stars Christian Bale and came out in 2002.

It takes place in the future and sort of reminds me of "Fahrenheit 451". Bale is a sort of Special Enforcement Officer called a "Cleric". these guys carry Full Auto Beretta's with the pointed dust covers at the end of the compensator's. Anyway these guys are trained in Martial Arts with Firearms. I didn't catch what they called the Art but it was fascinating to see. There is a scene where the Cleric's are training and it explains the Art.

Anyway when I was watching the movie for some reason it made me think of Josh and other members who are trained in the Arts.. I called my Tai Kwon Do Master brother talked to him about the movie and he said he had seen it and liked the idea. The fight scene's are good and Bale takes out allot of armed people at the same time. You should check it out.

just my 2 cents
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