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Old 12-26-2006, 07:37 PM   #1
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FNP 9, PRO-9, CZ-2075 CCW

Hello, ALL

Any thoughts and or experience with an FNP-9 or PRO-9 (same gun) or CZ-2075 RAMI for a concealed carry? My dad has always been a S&W and Colt man, and has never really tried anything else in a handgun. He has been considering a few other 45 compact to sub-compact models made by Glock, Kahr arms (etc);

Since shooting my BHP, he's really leaning towards a 9mm DA/SA type carry. He really likes the features of the CZ-2075 in a personal carry. Any input, pros or cons Appreciated.

I read a review on the RAMI, which stated that the gun had some FTF with JHP. FTF and/or FTE are real turnoffs in a personal carry IMHO. I was considering a Colt Defender for a personal carry when after shooting one I learned that the Defender is picky eater. It likes a sufficient charge to fully eject each empty cartridge, and will FTE every 3rd to 5th round of pretty much anything but premium ammo. I was informed that I could install lighter springs, etc. but I don't want to "TINKER" with a concealed carry. I would prefer something perfect as is from the factory. And a gun that will eat whatever it's fed without indigestion sounds good to me.
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FNP 9, PRO-9, CZ-2075 CCW

Hello. Here are some observations on the FNP9:



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Old 01-04-2007, 01:20 PM   #3
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FNP 9, PRO-9, CZ-2075 CCW

I feed my FNP9 a mix of ammo. including +P and it eats them up. It's a great weapon. The others I've not tried.
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