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toadman 09-21-2016 02:22 PM

fresh meat
i'm not new to gun forums,but as of yesterday I am a new member of this one,and I don't think I made a mistake.for several days now I have roamed around on this forum and have to say I think i'm going to be happy right here. I enjoy all facets of firearms, what we do with them, and what we try to do with them.everyone has an opinion, and I expect to express mine as you are allowed to express yours.but when 20 people are hollering it's hard to hear that they are only expressing their opinions,huh.right after my father imprinted the picture of his high school on his class ring to my forehead, he told me I would learn a lot more about life with my mouth closed. this proves true, even today.but if you look at how much it took to introduce myself, you'd think I never shut my mouth. I would ask at this time for anyone familiar with a beretta mod# 70S cal.380 , field strip procedure. be reading about y'all in the future. don't get all skint up toadman

Chris Stephens 09-21-2016 03:46 PM

Hello and Welcome!

We are glad that you could join us here and look forward to your posts. It's been years since I have owned a Beretta Model 70, but I believe that it wasn't too difficult to field strip.


toadman 09-21-2016 05:38 PM

chris, with such a prompt reply I think I did pick the right forum to join. I was introduced to the 70S in the service. I was in a dustoff 69&70. in '77, a dealer who I knew from rockingham had been keeping an eye open for one for me. he found one, through nato in Norway, and I became an owner of a '70S. never had a problem or breakdown until about a month ago. I had shot up a box of ammo, and was breaking it down to clean. I pushed through the disassembly latch release,while turning it counter clockwise, and removed it. I then pulled the barrel slide section and set it to the side. as always I picked up the latch to remove the spring, and oh shit.when I touched it, it broke into 4 pcs. chris, when I turn the latch counter clockwise there is no tension on the latch as if there is a spring on it. there never was in the army and mine never showed any tension. I used to wonder what the deal was but I quit worrying about it. it didn't explode and kill me. naturally I can't find one now. I've checked with brownells,bobs,guns and ammo.since it exerts no pressure i'm thinking about getting a spring at the hardware store with the the correct diameter,and going with that. i'm sure any idea will be helpful. don't get all skint up toadman

Vant 09-22-2016 04:12 PM

Welcome from South Carolina toadman!

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