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Initial Range Report: FN MkIII .40 Hi-Power

The recoil spring is very heavy but there is a trick to racking the slide. What is it? You go into a semi-crouch and then push out on the frame with your dominant hand and pull back on the slide, at the same time, with your weaker hand.
If you aren't in a real super-big hurry, cocking the hammer first (using the off-hand thumb is the quickest and least awkward) makes racking the slide easier.

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Initial Range Report: FN MkIII .40 Hi-Power

Not to be a smart a**, but I have found the easiest way to rack the slide on a 40 is to hand it to my 23 yr. old Air Force Grandson. Makes him feel superior, so we both benefit Regards, G>M>F>
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Initial Range Report: FN MkIII .40 Hi-Power

Couldn't agree more with your assessment of the .40 S&W Mk III accuracy. I have a Browning (bright blue) Mk III .40 and it is sure a tack-driver.

I've also done a "few things" to make it a bit more interesting. It's been professionally fitted with C&S matched, forged hammer & sear, C&S wide "target" trigger (stainless), C&S reduced-effort transfer bar, C&S ambi "1911 style" safety (hard chrome), Pachmayr extended slide release, Navidrex thin-line, checkered Mycarta grips and (best of all) a KKM Precision .357 SIG conversion barrel (I think it was the first one built by Kevin McIntyre @ KKM).

As y'all can tell, I was very specific about the planning & execution of my personal vision of the "Perfect Hi-Power". I'm new to the forum (first post) but O-L-D to to the Hi-Power Fan Club. And, while I like the older HP styles for collecting, the new Mk III is as good a platform to build a custom pistol as any available. I've spent quite a bit of time/money having it built... but would NOT take TWICE my investment as a sale price for it!

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