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Mschooley 01-21-2018 04:40 PM

My new Hi Power and Proof question
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Just picked up my first Hi Power, a 1976 C-series today. I had a couple questions on the proof marks.

I have the pineapple proof mark on lower barrel lugs, above trigger guard and inside my slide. However, I have no other marks on the gun and none on the barrel that can be seen with the slide closed. Is this common? Let me know if any additional images are needed! Just trying to learn as much as possible on the history of this great pistol.

Hannalie 06-15-2020 02:40 AM


TNorris 06-15-2020 08:25 AM

Really nice looking High Power!

Yes... this is common with newer High Powers.

I think the most often asked question is "when was my High Power made". FN solved this problem with the C series and after. For earlier pistols, there were additional marks that could help indicate when certain parts were inspected and a mfg year/date range for a pistol. I recall reading that these additional inspection marks were discontinued at some point, perhaps with the C series pistols as they were the first to include a reference to year of mfg in the serial number... I wish I had one to look at!

While looking for this note, I ran across a reference to the new manufacturing name, Fabrique Nationale Herstal vs Fabrique Nationale d'Arms deGuerre in 1973. Two standard models of the High Power were given new names at that time... yours, with fixed sights, is the Vigilante. The Capitan featured tangent sights. Serial numbers now included a date reference.

You may enjoy these two books -

-"The Browning High Power Automatic Pistol", R Blake Stevens
-"FN Browning Pistols", Anthony Vanderlinden

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