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Makarov disconnector issue

I just got an unissued Bulgarian Makarov from Classic Firearms. It was packed in cosmoline so I detail stripped it and got it all cleaned up. Now I'm trying to get it back together and am having issues. It seems that the disconnector (on the trigger bar) is not working properly, possibly because of an issue with the mainspring. I've watched the below video and used the below instructions, but it's just not working.

It seems that the disconnector is not being properly tensioned by the mainspring. It is loose in the action with everything installed and it and the trigger has about a 1/4" of play. On the steps in the various assembly instructions where it says to slightly pull the trigger after installing the main spring to check function it doesn't move the hammer. The disconnector is too far forward and the "slot" in it is not engaging the bottom of the hammer.

If I lightly push the disconnector, or hold the pistol muzzle-up or upside-down to the rear it engages the hammer and operates fine. If I assemble it and try to operate it upside-down the disconnector gets stuck under the right "pin" of the sear. When fully assembled the DA works partially some of the time. It seems that the hammer will slip off the sear early some of the time, not even cock some of the time, and work normally some of the time. It also seems that the hammer doesn't fall past its uncocked resting position when dry-fired. With the pistol assembled if I dry fire it and try to push the hammer forward with the trigger still pulled the hammer will not move past the safety notch on the sear, making me think that the hammer wasn't fully cocked anyway (since the sear is still "down"). Also, the finger on the spring that powers the hammer sits to the left-of-center in the pocket in the hammer. The odd thing about all of this is that the gun seemed to work fine when it was packed with grease (albeit sluggishly of course).
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