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Old 12-03-2011, 07:39 AM   #1
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Alot of U.S special ops,forces using Glocks

My pal just back from there and works with special ops ,says G17,G19,s are in Holsters being deployed in the Afghanistan and training on base. They work very well and have respect for reliability&shootability. I too have alot a respect for the G17 they are stone cold butt ugly ,but are diamonds in the eyes of the men that have used them in harms way. If I was stuck with one handgun it would be a butt ugly reliable&long lasting jam free Glock 17. One of the best 9mm ever made. My second choice in 9mm is the Sig226 which is the the Brits special ops pistol. My third choice the CZ75 and if I was going old school pre 1975 a Browning HP. My pal is one of the few that has combat ribbons from Vietnam ,Granada,Bosnia, all the sandbox wars. At 58 and a reserve Col. employed by the Goverment. He preferred a 1911,but used a Berretta M-9 over there till now its a Glock.

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I'm a nut for revolvers. Juat look at the photo of my collection on the revolver page. But also look at the lower left hand corner. Yep a Glock 19 and a Glock 26 are laying there.
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And so it goes here also. I like my HP's (and the WAM, and the 639, and prolly something I've forgotten about) but the 'go-to' and 'everywhere I go' piece is a Grock 21.

Its reliable and I shoot it better than the rest most of the time. I also prefer not being seen with it

I still likes me resolvers though and there's almost always one on me. Most of my recreational shooting is with round guns.


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An observation if you will.

A little over 10 years ago I knew quite a few of the guys on ST-5. SIGs (P226s) were the issue then, but a lot of them had personal Glocks (G17s & 19s). These guys were all in their mid to late 20s and a few in their early 30s. The guys who carried Govt. Models/1911s or BHPs were called 'dinosaurs'.

My observation is that it is generational. All of us 'grey beards' grew up with the state of the art weapons of our day - Colts and Brownings. We wanted them, we used them and still cherish them. The young blokes state of the art handgun is the Glock, and they want them and use them.

It isn't that one gun is significantly better than the other. They all do the same job in the end, and that is to put rounds down range. It really is that simple.
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Old 12-04-2011, 06:54 AM   #5
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In the early part of the 20th century, the 1911 was king. it allowed much more rapid reloading than any previous sidearm in US military use, revolvers of course. A big heavy effective bullet, one more of them in the magazine than revolvers had plus a number of magazines could be carried for nearly instant reloading. A technical and military marvel.

Later, though many did not agree with the decision, it was decide to replace the venerable 1911 with a sidearm capable of double action fire that could be carried with a round chambered but uncocked, and a higher capacity magazine. The government bypassed the 1935 Browning Hi Power because it was still a cocked and locked single action pistol, even though it carried nearly twice the capacity (13rd) of the GI (7 rd) 1911 magazines. So the Beretta 92 won the day.

Now we have the Glock, and its original configuration was the Model 17 with 17 rounds of 9mm (same ammo currently in use which is a plus), with a frame that is not damaged by rain or sweat or galling of the sliding surfaces. A slide that is coated in a highly corrosion resistant material, that is basic and simple to use. Only one major safety point has to be taught. KEEP YOUR BOOGER HOOK OFF OF THE BANG SWITCH UNTIL READY TO SHOOT. No safeties and switches or decockers to remember to apply or deactivate as needed. Couple this with simplicity of field stripping and cleaning and the use of precisely machined, non hand fitted parts means that if a couple of buddies tear down their Glocks on one's bunk, and the barrels or slides or any other parts get mixed up, (who's who's?) big deal, put them together and know that they will function perfectly and shoot just as accurately regardless. It makes perfect sense to adopt this platform and its variants as needed for the modern military use. And it might make the difference in a soldier coming home from a bad place one day.

That said, I am one of those people who do not like the original large frame Glock. It does not fit my hand. The mid size such as the Model 19 feels good in the hand, the grip hump is then in the right place against my palm so that it doesn't make me point shoot over the top of my target. In all fairness, I have not yet had a chance to handle a Gen 4 version of a model 17 or any other large frame model. It may no longer be an issue. But in no way would I ever slight the performance and reliability of the Glock pistol.
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Special Operations Forces (SOF) are generally outside of the Walkin' or Big Army structure. SOCOM has its own budget and own procurement (I hate that word) and in many ways is an entirely separate service. It has been a while but my experience with them was that they could use anything they wanted and my memory of them was that they did not want the Beretta M9 at all. SEALs almost immediately went with the SIGs and USMC SOF kept on with M1911s. The CIA paramilitaries when last I saw them were using Brownings.

There has however been a lot of water under the bridge since last I knew one from the other but many of the serving operators were either very young servicemen or still in school Ten years will do that.

I know that the G19 has been the preferred sidearm of the contracting community and that it has an excellent performance record. Light, compact and dead reliable, the G19 may be butt ugly but I have begun to see them peeking out in holsters I see in photos.

I have a couple of G34s and have been very please with them in IDPA and annual DCJS qualification. I sort of believe in longer barrels in 9mm although modern expanding ammo sort of makes that requirement moot.

The rest of the Army and other services are going to have to make do with leftovers for a while. I entered service after Vietnam and I can tell you that once peace is declared there will be no new toys for a while. I think the M9s will be in the system for more than a few years to come. There may be better handguns but it is money that matters and I would not venture a bet on any new replacement small arms.
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I've been into guns for over forty years (especially handguns) and I have yet to understand why anyone would choose a big-chunky-cheaply-made-plastic-pistol over The Browning High Power (or a COLT M1911 for that matter).

And, I'd be willing to bet that most of the guys that's forced to carry a Glock would trade it, in a heartbeat, for The Magnificent 9mm Browning if they had the opportunity to compare the two and fire them side by side.

John Browning & Dieudonne Saive's Designs Will Always be Light Years Ahead of All the Others.

I'd rather beat a bad guy to death with my Browning High Power, than shoot him dead with a "plastic pistol".

Fighting Tyrants & Traitors is a 24/7 Job that Must be Done!

The Second Amendment was not written in order to protect your right to shoot deer, it was written to protect your right to shoot tyrants if they take over the government. ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

Free Men Do Not Ask Permission to Bear Arms. ~ Thomas Jefferson
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Who uses what is interesting... Glocks, SIGs etc. are popular guns... but the 1911 continues to be wildly popular... just about every big gun maker has a 1911 line now...

Auto Ordenance

Plus a bunch of second tier guns, Rock Island, Amscor, AmTak, Wilson, Baer et. al.

Despite what we hear about the wonder pistol, there are a LOT of 1911s being sold every year...


Hoist On High The Bonny Blue Flag That Bears The Single Star!

Fear God and Dreadnought!!

You can't miss fast enough to win a gun fight!
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I came along late to Glock. My first Glock was the G19 in 2006 followed shortly afterward by the Glock 26. I was impressed. I'm very fond of revolvers and I collect revolvers, but i still own the G19 and G26. Most of my handguns are cherished (yes I said cherished) items, but the two Glocks are strictly tools. They might be ugly, but they're simple to maintain, easy to use and reliable. Can't ask much more.
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Old 12-04-2011, 02:34 PM   #10
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[QUOTE=Bob Reed;86932]I've been into guns for over forty years (especially handguns) and I have yet to understand why anyone would choose a big-chunky-cheaply-made-plastic-pistol over The Browning High Power (or a COLT M1911 for that matter).


The main reason is the cocked-and-locked (carry cocked with safety on) thing. For LE's, carrying guns around with the hammer cocked is just bad public relations. For civilain carry, I am not warm to a gun that has a safety to release before it works. I don't assume my brain will be operating at high level if a muzzle flash goes off and a sizzling sound goes by my head.

I don't hate Glocks, but I think the Springfield XD is a far superior design if you want a striker fired point and pull weapon.

I love 1911's (own three) and HP's (own two) but not my choice for defense gun. That's a SW 686 7 shot revo.

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