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Sprinco Spring System (Long)

Thought I'd do a review of my experience with the Sprinco Dual spring recoil spring system. I know the late Stephen Camp did a review years ago with one of his HPs. The first time around he had problems with them. Sometime later the owner of Sprinco sent him a freebie to try with the explanation that some folks in his company, in the past, had let quality control go to HEdouble hockey sticks. The second time around he had zero issues. At least that's my memory, in short, of Stephen's story about Sprinco.

I own 4 CZ 75B pistols in matte stainless which I've owned (depending on which one) for about 7 years or so. All have had a CZ Custom trigger job, short trigger reset and the addition of fiber optic sights front and rear... my 70 year old eyes need those! For the past 5 years or so they all have the Sprinco Recoil Management system installed. I shoot IDPA and am also a Match Director for a local Steel Challenge type match. Those last two points I bring up only because over those 5 years or so with the Sprinco system I've shot thousands of rounds through the CZs so I can say my experience is not short term.

For me there a 2 factors that are not negotiable in a firearm: reliability along with accuracy better than my ability to shoot. There are other things I take into consideration but those two things are paramount. The Sprinco System didn't /doesn't disappoint with either of those. After, literally, thousands of rounds shot, I still have not had one malfunction with any of my CZs. The pistols themselves certainly have something to do with that but Sprinco didn't negatively affect either accuracy or reliability. The power factor for my IDPA loads is about 130,000 or in other words I'm pushing a 124 grain bullet about 1050 FPS... a PF of 125 is required for the division I shoot in which is ESP. For steel, with no PF minimum my loads have a PF of 117800 (my "bunny fart" loads) or said another way it's a 124 grain bullet going about 950 FPS. In either case the Sprinco handles both loads without issue. My bunny fart loads have caused jams in Glocks, I'm guessing because the recoil impulse of those loads is lower and I might add noticeable when shooting them. I have not shot any +P loads in the guns but my "gut" tells me that an occasional one wouldn't hurt anything and work just fine. After all, the longer recoil spring is a progressive type with the "guide rod" spring there to handle any additional recoil of a more powerful load... but all that, with regard to +P, is only supposition on my part. OTH, I would not want to shoot a +P+ load using the Sprinco I have.

The big question most folks want to know, does Sprinco really reduce felt recoil? First, I did not install their "Corbon" system designed for higher pressure loads so I can't speak to that. That aside, the recoil impulse doesn't seem quite as harsh but much of that is in the "eye of the beholder" and hard to say. The recoil is most definitely different. For lack of a better word, the recoil seems a bit mushier. The biggest difference I see is that the recoil "flip" is predictable and, while seemingly mushier, makes it easier to control and bring the gun a bit quicker back to target for those double taps so often required in IDPA. All in all, I'm pleased with the system and will continue using it.

As a side note I haven't posted to this forum in quite a while. I retired (6 years ago) but then, a couple of years later, took a part time job in a gun store, selling stuff, teaching concealed carry classes along with advanced handgun courses and private lessons. My health, so far, is holding out, no arthritis in the hands (yet) but the knees are often a problem but I do ride a bike (pedal type) 15 or 20 miles 3 times a week for exercise and to help those knees hold on to however much time they have left.
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Thank you for the review and the update.
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I read back over my post and there's a correction and additional info I should have included.

First off, I said my "bunny fart" load caused jams in Glocks (plural). I should have said it was a Glock (singular). So maybe it was just that one particular Glock (a 19 if memory serves) that didn't like the load. I have shot these same loads in my Hi Powers without issue. None of my Hi Powers have the Sprinco system.

The following additional info I had forgotten about and all was years ago. After trying the Sprinco in one CZ 75B, I liked the system enough I ordered 3 more for my other CZ 75B pistols. On one of those, the guide rod recoil spring part, the little knob that fits into the dimple of the barrel did not protrude outward nearly as much as the others. The protrusion was small enough that it made me worry it could slip out of place when shooting the gun. I emailed Sprinco about it and was immediately and without hassle or additional charge, sent a replacement. The owner himself was the one that responded. Again, that was several years ago and cheers to Sprinco for customer service.
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