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Any feedback is appreciated

Hi all. New to the site. Would like advice as I am just learning laws around firearms. (I had them many years ago in Cali and now live in Midwest ... just purchased 9mm)
I have a bad situation w an almost ex who lives 1000 miles away and has handguns and a shotgun stored in unit close to my house. I have reached out to all the local and national law agencies and it seems the almost ex found the loophole. He established an apartment (signed a 1 year lease) got a state ID (my state....I left his state due to domestic violence/order protection several years ago). Then he went into gun store purchased guns. And within 2 months he stopped his rent agreement and other things that gave the impression he is resident here. It is a disaster waiting to happen and all the agencies are concerned but there doesnít seem to be a legal thing they can do.
Any feedback, advice..... can he store out of state. Is the fact that he isnít living in my state now a reason for feds/police to take them. Laws about residency, storage, anything !
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Old 11-30-2017, 07:55 PM   #2
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None of us can give you specific advice since we don't know the state in which you live nor that state's specific laws. Therefore, anything I, or anyone else can offer you is NOT legal advice. What any of us can offer is of informational value only, and not advice.
At the most, not being a lawyer, and speaking generally, my guess is that he can store firearms out of state unless your state of residency specifically has laws that would prevent him doing so.
The questions your local law enforcement agency (LEA) should ask you are; a, has he been convicted or charged for a domestic violence offence; b, do you have, or have you applied for a restraining order; c, does he know where you live or how to find you; d, do you have a means (weapons/skill/ability and/or concealed weapon permit) to defend yourself?
Your local LEA should, or will, tell you that they have "no duty" to actually protect you individually. With that, I will add that the significant flaw with restraining orders is that they depend upon the subject's compliance.
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Old 12-01-2017, 11:13 AM   #3
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You know abnin: I have to ask how could a person know these things are even true? Did they accompany the buyer to the store? Did they accompany the buyer to the storage location? Is the soon to be ex feeding a mutual contact counter intel? Do the parties maintain contact?

The police/feds can obtain dl information. NICS does not store and is prohited by law from storing information on buyers. Atf can not trace without a sn.

Something is absent from this tale. I have tried to explain it to myself and am unable. Now if the op could fill in the blanks......
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