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Sprinco Springs

I was looking at the late Stephen Camp's website and came across his review of the Sprinco spring system for the Hi Power. I've been using that system in all 4 of my CZ 75B pistols for about 4 or 5 years now. Those pistols are mostly used for IDPA and Steel. Since I rotate usage of those pistols that translates to somewhere around 20,000 rounds total or about 5000 rounds per pistol having been shot using the Sprinco system. This review won't be as extensive as Mr. Camp's and if you'd like to review his assessment of the Sprinco's recoil reducer (as Sprinco call's it) you can find it here: Browning Hi Power

The system itself is a dual spring system. A lighter sprung, in terms of pounds, larger spring with the guide rod having a sub / secondary spring. Both are of very high quality. The guide rod is heat treated stainless with the spring on it being chrome silicon wire and, according to Sprinco that spring never has to be replace... I don't know about the "never" part but that's what they say. I don't know if the larger spring is a progressive type or simply a lighter spring. My Sprinco springs are for standard pressure loads but they do make springs they call the "corbon" model meant, I assume, for +P loads.

Reliability in the CZs has been 100% and I do mean 100%. All 4 of the CZs have 100% of the time gone bang when I pulled the trigger. The only issue I had was one of the 4 guide rod assemblies, when it arrived in the mail, had the protruding dimple (the part that fits to the barrel) was recessed too far in. I emailed Sprinco and the President of the company responded within 24 hours. Bottom line to that, they sent another unit to me and I had it within just a few days. It was a hassle free, no questions asked, replacement.

The big question of course is does the system reduce recoil? Well, yes and no... how's that for a wishy washy answer? So let me explain. If you were to shoot a gun with and without the Sprinco, you would not go "WHOW" that Sprinco reduced recoil by 15 or 20%. As Mr. Camp says in his review (paraphrasing) no system will reduce recoil. To me, the Sprinco changes the nature of the recoil but isn't so much about reducing it. Certainly less muzzle flip (although I've got no way to prove that) with recoil seemingly spread out over a longer time which has you (or, at least, me) perceiving recoil is less.

A year or so ago a friend and I were at the range. He owns a stock CZ 75B. He wanted to shoot mine with the fiber optic sights. I had not mentioned anything about the Sprinco being in the gun. Also he shot my rounds in my gun. As we were coming home he noted that my CZ seemed to shoot softer than his. Was that due to the Sprinco or was it the difference between his loads and mine? I don't know for sure but I think it had something to do with the Sprinco.

Bottom line, I like the Sprinco springs.
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Les, I used German made Sprinco recoil reducers in the 1990s in my carry BHPs. The two things I liked about them were that the recoil spring guide rod flange offered greater bearing surface thereby better distributing the recoil impulse imparted to the frame, and having two compression springs. Yes, they did reduce recoil and offer faster recovery - meaning faster follow-on shots. They were being marketed by a company in Arkansas at that time. I can only hope they are the same ones. The current Sprinco USA website lists models for 9 mm and .40 BHPs, (both 'currently unavailable') but does not show what they look like.
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abninftr, I assume the Sprinco for HPs are the same as pictured on Mr. Camp's review, that is if you could get one. A few years ago I asked Sprinco about ordering their system for a HP and when it might be available. I can't remember exactly what the reply was but it boiled down to something along the lines of the program used for the tooling on the machines that was for making them for the HP was lost, broken, whatever. The big problem, apparently was making the guide rod part of the system for a HP. Sorry about being so vague about that but I simply can't remember the particulars of the reply. I do remember, at the time, it sounded like they would be making them again. I look on the Sprinco website from time to time and their springs for HPs. always show unavailable. Since its been a few years now, I guess they've given up on making one.

For what its worth and as I already said, the Sprinco for my CZs is a quality unit. Mr. Camp also noted that in his review about the HP model although earlier on, before his review, its seems Sprinco had a quality control problem. Also as you noted, follow up shots are quicker, at least its seems to me they are but, again I don't know of any definitive way to prove that.

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