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10/22 From Wally World

Elsewhere on this site a 10/22 was referred to as being one from "Wally World." I've heard, but not been shown proof, that the 10/22s from there are different than the ones from regular dealers. Does anyone KNOW that this is so and, if it is so, what are the differences? I have one of each and I can't tell! Any help out there?

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10/22 From Wally World

One thing that wal-mart does is order large quantities to their own specs, like a blued version with the laminated stock. I've never seen that model in any jobber catalogs. Like "Goodyear" tires with a brand name only found there. Bill
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10/22 From Wally World

Wal-Mart does sell a Wal-Mart exclusive 10/22. It's has a 22" SS barrel, and a "rifle" stock. The stock has a squared off butt with a rubber "recoil" pad, as opposed to the curved buttplate the standard 10/22 has. The WWS also comes with sling swivles installed, and has a checkered hardwood stock, and no barrel band. It is often refered to as a "Wally-World Special."

It's very similar to Rugers Delux Sporter 10/22, except that the DSP has a walnut stock and an 18 1/2" blued barrel.

I've got two DSP's and one Wally-World Special. They are all really nice rifles, and well worth the upgrade over the standard 10/22, but only in the "looks" department. They look and feel more like a big rifle to me.

The "Wally World Special"

The Ruger Delux Sporter.

If your local Wally World doesn't have one in stock, ask to see their "special order" book. (Some clerks may know it as the WWS, but not all do.) I don't recall what it's called in the book exactly, but it's listed as a 10/22 RIFLE. They sell for about $240.00. The DSP at my local gun shop goes for $265. I believe that the DSP is in Wal-Marts special order book also, but can't swear to that. (I was lucky and found two DSP's for $248.00, and 199.99. The expensive one had the 4X28 Simmons scope already installed.)

Wal-Mart also sells the "standard" 10/22 carbine. It's exactly the same 10/22 you can get anywhere. Wal-Mart as someone else has said just buys them by the truckload. Wal-Mart is probably one of, if not the biggest customer Ruger has. The idea that Ruger sends them "seconds" is laughable.
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