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Old 03-09-2008, 03:55 PM   #1
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Join Date: Oct 2004
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Full Report: WWB .45acp HP

Since my pistol is functioning again, I decided to start testing a bit early this year. I have to know that my ammo functions.

Most of you are familiar with my setup by now, 4 layers of denim over the first milk jug.

I did not make a movie this time, though it likely would have been fun to watch.

After the shot I found the first jug shredded on the ground. Not pictured was the denim layer, as it's nothing spectacular.

The second jug was blown out...

... as was the third jug. The fourth jug is leaking in this picture.

The bullet came to rest about halfway through the fourth jug.

I did not measure the bullet as I cannot find half my stuff. The jacket did try to separate, and it looks as if the bullet just ignored the effects of the denim.

My deceased grandfather was an intelligence officer in WWII, operating out of England into the European Theater. This picture was taken on one of his GI blankets. You can see the bullet well expanded, next to the silver half dollar.

I like this ammo. It's some strange stuff though as the recoil wasn't enough to lock the slide back with an 18.5# spring, while the regular ball WWB is. I returned the spring to stock and it functions fine. I wonder if it's somewhat downloaded.

The bottom line is this: After passing through four layers of denim, a Winchester White Box 230 grain hollowpoint round will expand in the first 6" or so of water and continue on for a total of about 21" of penetration in water, or about 10 to 12 inches in gelatin. Not the latest and greatest hollowpoint out there, it is certainly still serviceable.

Josh <><
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Old 03-12-2008, 08:55 AM   #2
Bob Reed's Avatar
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Location: Florida
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Full Report: WWB .45acp HP

Hello Josh & Thanks for the review:

I personally don't feel one bit handicapped by using Winchester's White Box Personal Protection Load's.

John Browning & Dieudonne Saive's Designs Will Always be Light Years Ahead of All the Others.

I'd rather beat a bad guy to death with my Browning High Power, than shoot him dead with a "plastic pistol".

Fighting Tyrants & Traitors is a 24/7 Job that Must be Done!

The Second Amendment was not written in order to protect your right to shoot deer, it was written to protect your right to shoot tyrants if they take over the government. ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

Free Men Do Not Ask Permission to Bear Arms. ~ Thomas Jefferson
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Old 05-08-2008, 10:15 AM   #3
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Location: Kentucky
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Full Report: WWB .45acp HP

When this bullet first came out (shortly after Winchester introduced it as the "Subsonic" back in the 1980s) I purchased several thousand of the bullets for reloading.

While I never shot anything with the factory load, I have shot a good bit of game (deer, woodchucks, wild boar) with the same bullet handloaded to just over 1000 fps - it is impressive.

Some friends have loaded it to 1300+ in the .45 Winchester Magnum - it comes unglued at that point (but it is still impressive and resulted in the most instant stop I ever saw on a wild boar shoulder shot).

Jim H.
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Old 05-23-2008, 12:19 AM   #4
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Full Report: WWB .45acp HP

Thank you for the review. :)

This is my current "carry load" in my 1911 as I can't afford 200 rounds of CorBon DPX to "test" in the gun before trusting it. I can afford this load, what with the ammo price increases and all. :(

Thanks again and stay safe.

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Old 07-18-2011, 09:24 AM   #5
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Anything in the 230gr.is fine and even ball which the 45 1911 become a legend of stopping power from. The ball won,t bounce off and not kill you. The 230 hp to is good even if it don,t open. You are well armed with the 1911. WW personnel defence ammo is darn good ammo.

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