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.38 Spec Snub Ammo Test: DPX vs Gold Dot vs LSWCHP

Hello. It remains my first choice, perhaps from years of habit, but if you are going with this load in a snub, I do suggest going with Remington. It's alloy seems to be softer than Winchester and it expands better for me. If going with a 3" bbl or longer, it seems to make no difference; either works.


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.38 Spec Snub Ammo Test: DPX vs Gold Dot vs LSWCHP

Stephen: Thanks for the report. Excellent work, as always.

FWIW, I did hardness testing on SWCHP bullets from Remington, Federal, and Winchester 38 Special 158 gr +P loads a few years ago. The softest lead of the bunch was Federal, which tested just a hair over BHN 9. The Remington bullets were not quite as soft, around BN 10-11, and the Winchester bullets tested 12+. Best as I can recollect, anyway, as the computer I stored that test data in crashed its hard drive in 2002 and I lost HUGE volumes of test data.

Moral of this story: ALWAYS back up your data.

Anyway, I have a little better than a case of the Federal Classic load in this group, which is accurate in my snubs. I carry my snubs loaded with this ammo, but because the lead is so soft, I don't like to carry it for reloads. My preferred reload is the Speer 135 gr +P JHP, which ride comfortably in my pockets in Bianchi Speed Strips for months on end without deformation of the bullet noses. The same can't be said for any SWCHP bullet.

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.38 Spec Snub Ammo Test: DPX vs Gold Dot vs LSWCHP

I like your work on testing ammo and pistols. This is a hotly debated topic DPX vs LW-HP +P. vs 135s gold-dots. We have lots of data and decades of data on the lswc-hp,little on the Speer and not any on the DPX in shootings in the 38spec. I think we will find they all are good serviceable loads. Pick your load and carry it you will not be underarmed.
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