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Jeep, ya got me wrong brother. I LOVED you comment in post #6 about "hot rod ammo". It caused me to LMFAO. Generally, I hold the 9mm cartridge in disdain. The ONLY weapons I have ever owned have been C&R WW II weapons such as Walthers and Lugers. I snoozed on buying an Inglis BHP, which I regret. These purchases were made despite my hating the 9mm, because I loved the weapons. I do not and would not own a modern weapon in 9mm. IMHO, there's NOTHING the 9mm does that can't be done better by another caliber--other than perhaps being cheaper to shoot. It gags me to pay outrageous prices for the newest hot ammo du jour, as it does you....
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Heya Jer,

I hadn't noticed any accuracy problems, but then 3-6" at 5 yards is about my limit anyways.

The choice between two inches or five inches at 15 yards is a moot point to me.

I'd love to find a stash of the old 9BP but it is no more. The C9BP currently being made is (I'm told) visibly different and no one has repeated the wetpack/jello tests to see if it performs like the old stuff.

Plus its sorta like an aardvaark around these parts; seen pictures, seen test reports, know what it does, but never seen a single round.

At a buck per pop (or more) for the latest and greatest wunderblitzenpatronen, adequately testing a single pistol and three magazines would be $400. Changing all the 9mm pieces and magazines over to some new load would be over $3000 just in ammo costs. I don't draw anything except Social Security.

None of the 9mm's are primary carries anyways since I shoot the Grock so much better at present. But at least I _know_ they will function with that load (L9MM1B).


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