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Wild waterswine hunting experience: 120 & 124 grain lead reloads w/ Beretta 92 clone


Long time no see.

I lost all iniciative of writing on a gun forum since in return of sharing my experience I usually get rewarded with a huge kick out (banned for no reason).
But I believe its worthed to share this real life experience.

Hunting as an real life self defense scenario with my own reloads.

In Southamerica we have here wild waterhogs. The one I shot today had roughly 100 lbs and they serve as meat for latin people (white people do not eat them). My workers slaughtered it so no reason to freak out should a "softy" stumble on this thread.
The rounds used were my reloads. 120 grain Lee lead cast (Elmer Keith style design) 9x19 bullets and 124 grain Lee lead cast (tumble lube design) same caliber. If I remember correct they clocked around 311 ft-lbs of energy. More in the realm of an 9mm Glisenti but all cycled reliably and with authority the Pistol I used. An Taurus PT 92 AFS stainless. Very nice pistol though but dont use grease on this model since (due to lots of contact points) they do not cycle properly with grease (Glock type models/clones do fine with grease). Oil does just fine and with these low powered reloads the pistol is 100% reliable. I use an O-Ring as recoil buffer over the main spring (just use a tad bigger size as the mainspring is, strip it over, and the slide does not batter the frame anymore).

The water swine heard ran across me in a distance of about 5 yards. The mother swine on top and bigger hocklings afterwards in an fairly rapid run.
I heard them and shot hitting the big front water swine, which turned desoriented and choose to run toward me trying to cross me since 25 yards away was the safe waterhole in which they jump to escape their enemies (there they stay sumerged for hours).
As the waterswine ran towards me I shot into its broadside center mass about 5 more shots till it dropped, then 1 more shot as it was dying to make sure it is dead.
Then I called the workers (latin) to pick it up and slaugther it for their meat.

+ All 7 shots were a hit.
+ Most of the lead bullets passed through the animal.
+ The bullets which passed through passed through the first rib cage and the second as well (2 layers of ribs were passed through including the internals).
+ 1 entire 120 grain lead bullet was recovered just underneath the skin of the exit side (almost passed through).
+ One 124 grain bullets point sheared off due to poor lead casting (did not fill completely and had deep wrinkles). No other bullet was recovered.
+ Most bullets must have passed through since on the opposite skin were some exit holes.
+ 120 grain bullets tended to stay within the animal (no pass through); 124 grain lead bullets tended to pass through (both had same powder charge).
+ entrance and exit wounds were observed.
+ deepness of the animals body was about the size of an human thorax.
+ The recovered 120 grain bullet was almost not deformed. Animals hair shape imprints could be observed on the bullets flat nose.
+ I shot 3 shots with my Beretta Pico 380 acp the day before at this very swine and it seems it got a hit (crusted entrance wound as it seemed to me but I am not sure. 380 Auto Reloads: 102 grain, 168 ft-lbs and 862 fps). So luckily I shot it today.

Lessons to be learned
= shots were fired rapidly. All 7 shots about within 8 seconds.
= lead FMJ bullets are not that prone to "overpenetrate". Overpenetration is not a concern using lead or FMJ bullets in 9x19 caliber.
= Overpenetration is in real life not dangerous.
= Even for 9x19 in an self defense scenario hollow points are not recommended.
= For self defense in real life carry FMJ or lead bullets to make sure deep penetration is achieved.
= Better use FMJ or lead in caliber 380 acp and 9mm Luger. Dont use hollow points.
= Good penetration can be achieved with lead cast bullets.
= Better is to use an minimum weight of 124 grain bullet. Below that penetration may be compromised.
= In an self defense scenario you want an entrance and exit wound to assure sufficient penetration is reached.
= Self defense shootings are quick. So 2 shots can be expected to be shot every second.
= This ammo should be able to neutralize an attacker with 7 shots center mass within 10 seconds.
= You can have never enough ammo in an self defense scenario. 6 + 1 in the pipe should do it for 1 attacker.
= Having 6 + 1 rounds of 380 acp is the bare minimum of amount of ammo you wanna have for self defense.
= A 5 shot revolver may have to few rounds for neutralizing an threath.
= Expect to have some shots miss the target in an rapid pace shooting.
= In SD scenario its rather point and shoot center mass than anything else.
= In SD the shooting will be rapid.

Use FMJ or lead bullets and not Hollow Points. In real life shooting HP may not have sufficient penetration.
Lead cast bullets are King! ...and affordable.
2. Timothy chapter 3
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